Kody's Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I keep getting the same questions, so here's a handy page.

I said "hi" and you never replied.

Please see: nohello.net

What GNU/Linux distro should I use?

If you're new, try Linux Mint.
Want to play with fire? Install Gentoo Go for Arch Linux.
Middle ground? Maybe Manjaro.

What software do you use?

Nowadays I'm mainly using Windows but almost everything is cross-platform.

What anime do you recommand?

I'm not good at recommendations but there we go.
So, do you want...

A manga to read?

I'm not that much of a reader.

The only manga I would recommand, is already complete, and that I've completed too is Catulus Syndrome.
We follow the story of a girl who has a syndrome that makes her half-cat. She mets a cat magnet and tries to make some friends.
It's cute, it's funny, it's full of catgirls, and only 100 chapters.

For other ongoing stuff (as of mid-2023) may I suggest...

Some personal things...