André "Kody" Fernandes

(Web) Developer

I love to overload servers,
write code and watch cartoons.

I mostly code in JavaScript (♥ VueJS),
Python and PHP (Symfony / F3).

Sex: M
Gender: M
Country: Switzerland
Phone: +33 9 72 26 42 92
Birthday: 1997-04-15

Social Media and Code

I sometimes talk with people.

Fediverse: (Sharkey)
Fediverse: (Mastodon) [old]
AT/Bluesky: [inactive]
Threads: [inactive]
Twitter: @0kody [inactive]

Telegram: @MKody
Discord: @0kody (Kody#1337)
IRC: kdy (,,
Mail: im@[this domain]

GitHub: @mkody
GitLab: [inactive]

Twitch: /0Kody

AniList: kdy (recently watched Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan (episode 2))

  • Honkai Impact 3rd: 200739798 (EU)
  • Honkai: Star Rail: 700093767 (EU)
  • hoYoLab: 1014242
  • Zenless Zone Zero: 1500064555 (EU)
  • Blue Archive: 61 / AYVXLHMZ (GLB) [low activity]
  • Colorful Stage: 162316840939409415 (GLB) [low activity]
  • Houkai Gakuen 2 (GGZ): 3559691 (JP) [low activity]
  • Wuthering Waves: 600138735 (EU) [low activity]
  • Arknights: 37628646 (GLB) [paused]
  • Genshin Impact: 700062405 (EU) [paused]
  • Neural Cloud: 665952 [paused]

More About Me

I'm André Fernandes, 27 and I live in Switzerland.

I mainly speak French but I'm fine to write, read and listen in English. I also understand Portuguese a bit.

My interests are tech in general, I love to learn and write code but also to make friends online to talk about that or cartoons and anime.
Apparently I spend too much on mobile games too.

I've been in an apprentiship in CS (Informaticien en développement d'applications, CFC) from 2014 to 2018 and am now employed, doing code and sysadmin work.

My first experience with code was back in 2009 with simple PHP scripts using a free hosting and domain provider. Since then, I've learned to code by myself in PHP and Python. Starting 2012, my first domain was brought: The following year I got my own dedicated server which was my first time doing sysadmin stuff.
I currently have 17 servers online and more than 25 active domains.

I have a small "Frequently Asked Questions" page if you want to know more about me.

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