André "Kody" Fernandes

Welcome to my place.

I'm an apprentice in computer science.

I write JS (I love VueJS!), Python (simple and cool)
and sometimes PHP (not that much anymore).

Social Media and Code

I sometimes talk with people.

Twitter: @0kody
GitHub: mkody
GitLab: mkody
Discord: Kody#1337
Telegram: @MKody
im@[this domain] (PGP)


I happen to have some hobbies! It's mainly medias and cartoons.

A simple goal: bring Cartoon Network fans what they need but can't see, since their website is missing so much. This includes a schedule and all the previews for their shows.
This project is also the home of and, who are dedicated to 4chan's /sug/ and OK K.O.!

It's a cartoon streaming website. No watermarks, no ads, no interface bloat. Just lists and a video player. We update as fast as we want, for shows we think are good.
Doing this because the EU is so late with shows and that no legal platform fits our needs. Not to be confused with the .network.

New Lunar Republic

Episode and movies streaming, comics and more for the My Little Pony: Friendship is magic franchise. We have English (with optionnal EN/FR subs) and French episodes.

Radio Brony

This is a French webradio streaming 24/7 music from fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We also have live and pre-recorded shows.

More About Me

I'm André Fernandes, 2x and I live in the Valais, Switzerland.
I mainly speak French but I'm fine to write, read and listen in English. I also kinda understand a bit Portuguese since my parents are from there.
My interests are tech in general, I love to learn and write code but also to make friends online to talk about other stuff like cartoons or, why not, anime.
I've been in an apprentiship in computer science (Informaticien en développement d'applications, CFC) from 2014 to 2018 and am now passing the exams to get my certificate.
My first experience with code was back in 2009 with simple PHP scripts using a free hosting and domain provider. Since then, I've learned to code by myself in PHP and Python. Starting 2012, my first domain was brought: and in 2014, I got my own dedicated server which was my first time doing sysadmin stuff.
Up to today, I had more than 25 individual servers (8 are still up today) and had registred more than 70 domains (24 are still active).